Physical Activity

Dr Pakravan is the Chair of Physical Activity Committee of the European College of Sport and Exercise Physicians, and he represents the College in World Health Organisation-HEPA Europe.


He was a member of the advisory board for Suffolk Cycling Strategy and contributed to providing relevant health evidence for the strategy. He has conducted research projects including on Primary Care Exercise Referral Schemes, and more recently assessing physical activity in people with learning disabilities which led to a novel and potentially game changing physical activity measurement tool specific to learning disability. 

He was the main contributor to the ECOSEP Statement on Physical Activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Pakravan’s role in reviewing the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine’s position statement on exercise prescription was acknowledged by the authors. 


Dr Pakravan lectures extensively on health enhancing physical activity and has presented his work in international congresses.

He advocates physical activity in all aspects of life and provides his clients with appropriate advice and activity plan to suit their level of ability, and functional and health needs. He is the medical and wellbeing advisor to London Cognition.